New Basket Brindisi

New Basket Brindisi, for sponsorship reasons named Happy Casa Brindisi or shortly Brindisi, is a professional Italian basketball based in Brindisi, Apulia. It plays in the first division LBA as of the 2019–20 season.

Founded in 2004, the well-supported club (who regularly sells out its arena – albeit one of the smallest ones in the league – and sent three thousand fans to Rome for a game) has gradually grown to reach in turn the Serie A, the title playoffs, the EuroChallenge and lastly the BCL.


  • LegaDue
    • Champions (1): 2010
  • LegaDue Cup
    • Winners (1): 2012
  • Italian Cup
Runners-up (1): 2019

Sponsorship names

  • Prefabbricati Pugliesi Brindisi (2004-2008)
  • Enel Brindisi (2008–2017)
  • Happy Casa Brindisi (2018–2021)

Takım Kadrosu

2020/2021 Takım Kadrosu 2021/2022 Takım Kadrosu
Güncelleme (06-10-2021)
Head Coach : Francesco VitucciHead Coach : Francesco Vitucci
Ousman Krubally (Gambia)
Larisa (Temmuz 2021)
Jeremy Chappell
Reyer Venezia (Temmuz 2021)
Alessandro ZanelliAlessandro Zanelli
D’Angelo Harrison (ABD)
BC Prometey (Temmuz 2021)
Myles Carter
Budo Gemli̇k (Temmuz 2021)
Riccardo ViscontiRiccardo Visconti
Raphael GaspardoRaphael Gaspardo
Darius Thompson (ABD)
Lokomotiv Kuban (Temmuz 2021)
Scott Ulaneo
Davenport Panthers (Temmuz 2021)
Riccardo Cattapan
Derthona Basket (Temmuz 2021)
Josh Perkins
Partizan Belgrade (Temmuz 2021)
Alessandro GuidoAlessandro Guido
Mattia UdomMattia Udom
James Bell (ABD)
Anwil Włocławek (Temmuz 2021)
Nathan Adrian
Mykolaiv (Temmuz 2021)
Nick Perkins (ABD)Nick Perkins (ABD)
Derek Willis (ABD)
Joventut Badalona (Temmuz 2021)
Wes Clark
Reyer Venezia (Temmuz 2021)
Josh Bostic (ABD)
Reggio Emilia (Şubat 2021)
Serbest (Temmuz 2021)
Lucio Redivo
Aguacateros de Michoacán (Temmuz 2021)