Games of the Small States of Europe

Member countries

  •  Andorra
  •  Cyprus
  •  Iceland
  •  Liechtenstein
  •  Luxembourg
  •  Malta
  •  Monaco
  •  Montenegro
  •  San Marino


I1985City of San Marino, San Marino23–26 May82227
II1987Monaco City,Monaco14–17 May84689
III1989Nicosia, Cyprus17–20 May86758
IV1991Andorra la Vella,Andorra21–25 May86978
V1993Valletta, Malta25–29 May86908
VI1995Luxembourg City, Luxembourg29 May – 3 June86849
VII1997Reykjavík, Iceland2–7 June871410
VIII1999Vaduz, Liechtenstein24–29 May85669
IX2001 City of San Marino, San Marino29 May – 2 June865811
X2003 Valletta, Malta2–7 June876510
XI2005Andorra la Vella, Andorra30 May – 4 June879311
XII2007 Monaco City, Monaco4–9 June8106212
XIII2009 Cyprus[1–6 June88439
XIV2011 Liechtenstein[30 May – 4 June97509
XV2013 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg27 May – 1 June976212
XVI2015 Reykjavík, Iceland27 May – 1 June978911
XVII2017 City of San Marino, San Marino29 May – 3 June988911
XVIII2019 Budva, Montenegro27 May – 1 June910123
XIX2021 Andorra la Vella, Andorra[Future event
XX2023 Valletta, Malta[Future event
XXI2025 Monaco City, MonacoFuture event

List of sporting disciplines

  • Athletics (details)
  • Basketball (details)
  • Beach volleyball (details)
  • Cycling (details)
  • Football (details)
  • Field Hockey (details)
  • Gymnastics (details)
  • Handball (details)
  • Judo (details)
  • Shooting (details)
  • Swimming (details)
  • Table tennis (details)
  • Tennis (details)
  • Volleyball (details)
  • Wrestling (details)