FİBA Oceania Championships

New Zealand3
YearHostGoldGame 1Game 2Game 3Silver
1971 New ZealandAustralia91–56107–58117–72New Zealand
1975 AustraliaAustralia
Lindsay Gaze
83–5787–67101–63New Zealand
1978 New ZealandAustralia
Lindsay Gaze
93–7165–6776–69New Zealand
1979 AustraliaAustralia
Lindsay Gaze
65–4162–53115–73New Zealand
1981 New ZealandAustralia
Lindsay Gaze
78–5580–71N/ANew Zealand
1983 New ZealandAustralia
Lindsay Gaze
89–5287–76N/ANew Zealand
1985 AustraliaAustralia
Dr. Adrian Hurley
92–6696–7598–62New Zealand
1987 New ZealandAustralia
Dr. Adrian Hurley
115–59One game playoff forNew Zealand
1989 AustraliaAustralia
Dr. Adrian Hurley
91–54106–55N/ANew Zealand
1991 New ZealandAustralia
Dr. Adrian Hurley
96–7974–57N/ANew Zealand
1993 New ZealandAustralia
Dr. Adrian Hurley
86–78One game playoff for the championshipNew Zealand
1995 AustraliaAustralia
Barry Barnes
102–62One game playoff for the championshipNew Zealand
1997 New ZealandAustralia
Barry Barnes
85–67One game playoff for the championshipNew Zealand
1999 New ZealandNew Zealand125–43One game playoff for the championshipGuam
2001 New ZealandNew Zealand85–7879–8189–78Australia
2003 AustraliaAustralia
Brian Goorjian
79–6690–7684–75New Zealand
2005 New ZealandAustralia
Brian Goorjian
82–6982–7191–80New Zealand
2007 AustraliaAustralia
Brian Goorjian
79–6793–6758–67New Zealand
2009 AustraliaNew Zealand77–84100–78Two-legged tieAustralia
2011 AustraliaAustralia
Brett Brown
91–7881–6492–68New Zealand
2013 New ZealandAustralia
Andrej Lemanis
70–5976–63Two-legged tieNew Zealand
2015 AustraliaAustralia
Andrej Lemanis
71–5989–79Two-legged tieNew Zealand