Aquila Basket Trento

Aquila Basket Trento, also known for sponsorship reasons as Dolomiti Energia Trento, is an Italian professional basketball club based in Trent, Trentino.

It was founded in 1995 as an amalgamation of two local clubs, going from the amateur divisions to the first division LBA in less than a decade. It plays in the LBA as of the 2017–18 season.


  • Divisione Nazionale A Gold
    • Champions: 2014
  • LegaDue Cup
    • Winners: 2013
  • Divisione Nazionale A
    • Champions: 2012

Sponsorship names

  • Sosi Trento: (1995–2005)
  • Bitumcalor Trento: (2005–2013)
  • Aquila Basket Trento: (2013–2014)
  • Dolomiti Energia Trento: (2014–present)

Current roster

2020/2021 Team Roster
Head Coach : Nicola Brienza
Kelvin martin (USA)
Davide Pascolo
Luca Conti
Gary Browne (Puerto Rico)
Pablo Andres Forray (Argentina)
Victor Sanders (USA)
Andrea Menzanotte
Jeremy Morgan (USA)
JaCorey Williams (USA)
Maximilian Ladurner
Lucha Lechthaler
Luke Maye (USA)