African Women’s Handball Cup Winners’ Cup

Africa Sports National9
Petro Atlético8
Primeiro de Agosto4
Rombo Sport Kpouebo4
GS Pétroliers2
Inter Club Brazzaville1
Grasshoppers of Owerri1
Desert Queens1
YearHostChampionScoreSecond place
1985Port SaidGrasshoppers of Owerri  SC Heliopolis
1986CotonouAS Cami Toyota  Grasshoppers of Owerri
1987CairoCamship  US AGIP Pointe-Noire
1988OranCamship  AS CNPS Yaoundé
1989CairoCamship  CARA Brazzaville
1990RabatCamship  CNPS Yaoundé
1991AlgiersDesert Queens  Nadit Alger
1992BauchiAfrica Sports National  Desert Queens
1993CairoAfrica Sports National  UCO Sport
1994RabatAfrica Sports National  IRB Alger
1995NiameyAfrica Sports National  Inter Club Brazzaville
1996MeknesAfrica Sports National  Banco Sport
1997KanoAfrica Sports National  Grasshoppers of Owerri
1998BauchiAfrica Sports National  Étoile du Congo
1999AlgiersMC Alger HB  OC Alger
2000BauchiAfrica Sports National  AS CNPS Yaoundé
2001MeknesAfrica Sports National  MC Alger HB
2002YamoussoukroRombo Sport Kpouebo  Inter Club Brazzaville
2003TunisMC Alger HB  RAC Abidjan
2004TunisRombo Sport Kpouebo  ASFS Tunis
2005FesRombo Sport Kpouebo  Inter Club Brazzaville
2006AbidjanRombo Sport Kpouebo  Inter Club Brazzaville
2007MahdiaInter Club Brazzaville  ABO Sport
2008MeknesPetro de Luanda  Tonnerre CK Yaoundé
2009CotonouPetro de Luanda  Tonnerre CK Yaoundé
2010OuagadougouPetro de Luanda 32–21 FAP Yaoundé
2011YaoundéPetro de Luanda 32–20 FAP Yaoundé
2012TunisPetro de Luanda n/a Africa Sports National
2013HammametPetro de Luanda 37–32 Inter Club Brazzaville
2014OyoPetro de Luanda 30–21 FAP Yaoundé
2015LibrevillePrimeiro de Agosto 36–22 Africa Sports National
2016LaayounePrimeiro de Agosto 40–16 TKC
2017AgadirPrimeiro de Agosto 24–16 FAP Yaoundé
2018CairoPetro de Luanda 23–19 Primeiro de Agosto
2019OujdaPrimeiro de Agosto 28–16 Petro de Luanda